Welcome to the Community Forest

The Valemount Community Forest Company Ltd.(VCF) was established in 2007. The VCF has a commitment to manage a healthy, sustainable forest with a focus on local employment, education, partnerships and multiuse planning. We support and promote small and value-added manufacturing to increase economic stability and industrial diversity. We also work with recreational groups and conservation interests to reflect the values important to the community of Valemount.

The VCF is member of the British Columbia Community Forest Association. The BCCFA was formed in 2002. It networks community-based organizations that are either managing community forests or striving to establish community forests.

Mission Statement

  • To develop and strengthen the economic diversity of the community while promoting the social well being of the residents in and around Valemount.
  • To use the community forest resources in ways that are sustainable, environmentally respectful, fiscally and legally responsible.