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VCF contributes to the community through various programs and initiatives for social well-being, economic development and skills training.

  • 2019 Community Contributions: $40,000
  • 2018 Community Contributions: $41,150
  • 2017 Community Contributions: $38,000

Community Grant Program

The VCF supports social and economic well-being of the community by making $7,500 available to non-profit organizations through the VCF Community Grant program. The program is advertised in the local newspapers in the fall each year. Applicants have approximately eight weeks to prepare, finalize and submit their application form by the deadline date. Adjudication process is done by a committee and a graduated point scale indicates how well the application fits the VCF mission statement. The VCF requests that funded societies, groups or organizations provide financial transparency by keeping a budget and recording volunteer hours for their supported program.

Deadline for 2021 is Friday, January15, 2021 at 4pm

VCF Grant Application 2021 pdf

VCF Grant Application 2021

Annual Support with Discretionary Funds

The VCF supports specific organizations that add to the well-being of the community.

  • Robson Valley Community Services
  • Valemount Food Bank
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Valemount Community Bus Society

VSS Bursary

Each year, VCF awards a $1000 award is to assist a Valemount Secondary School student planning to attend a post-secondary institution upon graduation. The recipient must attend an accredited post-secondary institution, including university, college, vocational school or a technical institute. The award recipient must attend a post-secondary institution within 18 months of its receipt.

Recreation and Tourism Support


VCF contributes $5000 by supporting VARDA through sponsorship for trail maintenance as well as additional in-kind services for road and snow maintenance of 5-mile road and parking lot, which are used in the summer for the bike park and the winter for skiing.

Community Grant Writer

VCF contributes $7,500 each year to the local grant writer, who is hired by the Village of Valemount in partnership with Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Training and Education

VCF feels that training and education allows forestry/outdoor workers to stay safe and build their personal ability.

VCF partners with the Valemount Learning Centre and sponsors basic fire suppression courses including the S-100 and S-100A refresher as well as First Aid courses to train staff and contractors for fire preparedness and safety.This allows people to attend courses locally at a reduced cost. Avalanche training was continued the past 2019 2020 harvest season for contractors and their workers.

To plan for succession and build capacity of forestry workers, VCF mentors younger professionals and field workers in the areas of layout, surveying and scaling. It provide opportunities and appropriate cutblocks for new loggers and roadbuilders to gain confidence while staying safe.

VCF leads school field trips for Valemount Secondary students for students to observe active logging, tree planting and to be hands on as is possible. This helps young people develop their ideas on employment opportunities in the forest sector. The various contractors and equipment operators share their time and knowledge during their work day to show the students the variety of jobs that are available locally in the forest industry.