August 2022.

The first load leaves the sawmill.

May 2022

The sawmill has been cutting cants of various sizes and lengths. Orders are ready to be filled. Officially the sawmill is still in the testing stages. There is a new road that is for the chip trucks that is graded and has a strong surface so that these heavy and long trucks can pick up the chips without getting stuck. The building is waiting for approval and certification, all details for the building have been met.

May 2021

The mill continues to be upgraded on the inside, and electrical installations and hydraulic components continue to update. Much of the heaviest and biggest components are installed. At this time the focus has transferred to the details and operations of each component. It has taken longer than originally anticipated to get the mill into operation. Covid has caused many delays as parts were very hard to get a hold of! However, the staff works on what is possible to keep the mill getting ever closer to production.

January 2021

A  blue metal building was erected over the mill in December and work continued inside protected from the elements. Each component is examined and upgraded as required.

Swift Current Services Ltd. is installing the electrical systems within the mill. All electrical and hydraulics components are updated to meet new regulatory and Worksafe BC standards.  It has been at least twelve years since the closure of the mill which had been a major employer in the area. With careful planning, the Board and Management are bringing back manufacturing to the community.  The people of Valemount and the community can feel confident that this mill will soon be operational.  It is expected to hire 15 to 17 mill jobs; strengthen and diversify the local economy. The VCF during this construction remains debt free with careful allocation of finances. Once operational the VCF expects VIP mill to gain financial independence and success with future product lines, to the economic benefit of whole the community.

Major Announcement

The Valemount Industrial Park LP is pleased to announce the purchase of a sawmill from Prince George. The mill is complementary to existing markets and will target large diameter wood for specialty markets and value-added products. We have started hauling the mill equipment to the industrial park and assembly will begin soon. The Board of Directors and staff are excited for the economic future of this area’s forest sector.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2020, the mill has been a hub of construction activity. Although it is not yet finished so much effort has been realized in the mill construction phase. Soon the metal siding will arrive to enclose the mill and finalize the electrical and hydraulic components.