Supporting Social Well Being

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The VCF values the social well being and economic diversity of the community and supports a variety of initiatives each year through the VCF Community Grant program. Some organizations receive annual contributions such as $7500 to the local grant writer, who is hosted at the Village of Valemount in partnership with Northern Development Initiative Trust. The VCF requests that funded societies, groups or organizations provide financial transparency by keeping a budget and recording volunteer hours for their supported program.

VCF Community Contribution for 2019 =$47,975.00

VCF Community Contribution for 2018 = $41,150.00

VCF Community Contributions for 2017 = $38,000.00


VCF Community Grant program successful applicants and projects:


Robson Valley Music Festival- music festival

Junior Canadian Rangers (Valemount)- Expedition Camping

vALEmount Craft Beer Experience- Highlights BC breweries, music and arts event

Valemount Marina Assoc- Cookshack south log replacement

Valemountain Days- Annual local festival

Wishbone Theatre- ‘The Last Good Valley on Earth’


2018 – $7500.00

Robson Valley Music Society-Earthship Studio and Artist Retreat

Valemount Elementary School-Playground Trees

Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society-Spay and Neuter Program 2018

Canoe Valley Community Association-Kinnickinnickers Family Centre- Heat and Light Project

Valemount Secondary School-VSS Breakfast Program


2017 – $7500.00

Senior Girls Basketball Team-tournament funding

Valemount Historic Society-Children’s Heritage Program

Valemount Children’s Activity Society-Safety mirror, bulletin board

Canoe Valley Community Association- Filing cabinet

Valemount Lion’s Club- Cemetery Gazebo Repair

Valemount Public Library-Furniture for meeting room

Valemount Arts and Cultural Society-Banff Mountain Film Festival

VES- Parent Advisory Council-Playground equipment



VCF Bursary

2022 Aubrey Scheller

2021 Sasha Michaud

2020 Lehna Cuddeback

2019 Harrison Cinnamon

2018 Zachary Schneider

2017 Daniel Haag