Valemount Industrial Park Infrastructure leases and jobs

Valemount Industrial Park Infrastructure leases and jobs

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Major Announcement


The Valemount Industrial Park LP is pleased to announce the purchase of a sawmill from Prince George. The mill is complimentary to existing markets and will target large diameter wood for specialty markets and value-added products. We have started hauling the mill equipment to the industrial park and assembly will start soon. The Board of Directors and staff are excited for the economic future to the forest sector in this area.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2020 the mill has been a hub of construction activity. Although it is not yet finished so much effort has been realized in the mill construction phase. Soon the metal siding will arrive to enclose the mill and finalize the electrical and hydraulic components.

Please review the update under Job Postings.


The VIP currently has eight lessees. The weigh scales is now a designated scale site run by the VCF.

Since their relocation Cedar Valley Holdings Ltd. has added another cedar product line of post and rail fencing. This has resulted in the hiring more mill workers and a logging contractor.

In order to secure basic industry needs a long waterline from the pump house to the CVH mill and VCF scales was installed. Future planning includes fire suppression and upgrades to the existing three phase power.