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VCF contributes to the community through various programs and initiatives for social well-being, economic development, and skills training.

  • 2023 Community Contributions: are over $50,000
  • 2022 Community Contributions: are almost $50,000
  • 2021 Community Contributions: are over $50,000
  • 2020 Community Contributions: $27,300 Covid 19 caused cancellations of some valued programs and communication opportunities such as The Community BBQ! VSS Education Field trips and other community events.
  • 2019 Community Contributions: $40,000
  • 2018 Community Contributions: $41,150
  • 2017 Community Contributions: $38,000

Community Grant Program

The VCF supports the social and economic well-being of the community by making $10,000 available to non-profit organizations through the VCF Community Grant program. The program is advertised in the local newspapers in the fall each year. Applicants have approximately eight weeks to prepare, finalize and submit their application form by the deadline date. The adjudication process is done by a committee and a graduated point scale indicates how well the application fits the VCF mission statement. The VCF requests that funded societies, groups, or organizations provide financial transparency by keeping a budget and recording volunteer hours for their supported program.

Please visit ‘Past Recipients’

Intake for 2024 is now closed.

For this application in a fillable Word document email

VCF Grant Application 2024


Annual Support with Discretionary Funds

The VCF is proud to support specific organizations that add to the health and well-being of the community.

2023 included the following:

  • Robson Valley Community Services
  • Valemount Secondary Breakfast Program
  • Valemount Food Bank
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Valemount Community Bus Society  – 2023 the VCF is proud to be part of the funding behind the VAA’s Mobility Bus Project by donating $5000

VSS Bursary

Each year, VCF awards a $1000 award is to assist a Valemount Secondary School student planning to attend a post-secondary institution upon graduation. The recipient must attend an accredited post-secondary institution, including university, college, vocational school, or a technical institute. The award recipient must attend a post-secondary institution within 18 months of its receipt.

Recreation and Tourism Support

The VCF values the hard-working outdoor associations and long-term good relationships with these organizations. The VCF works in cooperation with them and contributes financially and/or with in-kind service to these groups as their need is expressed and is supportive of recreation and tourism in this area.

VCF contributes annually $5000 to VARDA to support bike trail maintenance and new trail development. There are additional in-kind services for road maintenance on 5 Mile in the summer.

VARDA and VCF work together in the winter season for snowmobiling to accommodate extra large pullouts on active snow plowed forest roads to provide safe parking areas and access.

These areas are used in the summer for the bike park and recreational boating and in the winter for skiing and snowmobiling.

The Valemount Marina Association requires grading time to time in the summer months to the Valemount Marina.

Grading any road is challenged by weather, it can be neither too wet nor too dry! The VCF tries its best to coordinate with the local association and the weather for the East Canoe.

The Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association requests time to time to maintain certain road access important to some trailheads in winter and in summer. Such as 5 Mile, Swift Mountain trail, Trudeau Trail, and the new Terry Fox Trail.

In September 2020 the Valemount Ski Society Delegation (VSSD) made a presentation and provided information to the VCF Board re: a bunny hill beginner ski slope at an area located on Valemount Glacier Destinations area.

The Board and Manager reviewed the package presented by the VSSD. The area of interest is not logged/cleared at this time. The main area of concern is an adverse road for .5km from the McLennan River. The VSSD plan at the time was to have skiers walk in over a temporary snow bridge or a log, then proceed to a 900’ tow rope that is situated on </= (less than or equal to) 10% bunny hill beginner ski slope.

The VSSD would like the trees harvested on either side of the tow rope. For manpower, they are hoping for volunteers.

The VCF Manager and the Board’s main concern is the access over the McLennan River. At this time a tentative bridge location has a flat approach to a very steep bank on the opposite side heading up towards the ski area and could be challenging from a variety of perspectives.

It is important to establish the bridge crossing and to ensure it is safe in consideration of the proposal. The VCF suggests a field visit to the tentative bridge crossing site with the VSSD to review the access plan.

The VCF is supportive in principle of the bunny slope.

Community Grant Writer

VCF contributes $8000 each year to the local grant writer, who is hired by the Village of Valemount in partnership with Northern Development Initiative Trust. This is a complimentary program that benefits projects by securing funding opportunities for the Village of Valemount, local societies, and their initiatives.

Training and Education

VCF feels that training and education allow forestry/outdoor workers to stay safe and build their personal ability.

VCF partners with the Valemount Learning Centre and sponsors basic fire suppression courses including the S-100 and S-100A refresher as well as First Aid courses to train staff and contractors for fire preparedness and safety. This allows people to attend courses locally at a reduced cost.

Avalanche training has been offered for the fourth winter season of 2022/ 2023 for all workers on the West Canoe. FORTY forest workers attended the training. The VCF hires local Avalanche Technician Peter Amann to facilitate the course and to monitor the weather for avalanche activity work season. This last winter season there were two shutdowns due to avalanche activity. A flight with Yellowhead Helicopters with Peter Amann reviewed snow loads and activity with advice to follow for the safest procedures.

Interest is requested from other backcountry users to use the VCF Avalanche Safety booklet and the important contact, procedures, and protocol. The 2021 booklet is an updated version. The VCF with Peter Aman also has produced two Avalanche Atlases for the West Canoe and Dave Henry operating areas.

The VCF/VIP believes in succession and build the capacity of forestry/mill workers, VCF mentors younger professionals and field workers in the areas of layout, surveying, and scaling. It provides opportunities and appropriate cut-blocks for new loggers and roadbuilders to gain confidence while staying safe.

VCF has lead school field trips for Valemount Secondary students for students to observe active logging, tree planting and to be hands-on as is possible. This helps young people develop their ideas on employment opportunities in the forest sector. The various contractors and equipment operators have shared their time and knowledge during their workday to show the students the variety of jobs that are available locally in the forest industry.