Spring 2022

Lovely photos to share while out and about in the community forest area.



Photos from random areas to recreate in around the community forest area.



July 2021

The Five Mile Road is open for traffic after it had been closed due to a slump of the road earlier in April. The VCF had the area evaluated and followed the plans as outlined by the Geo technician/engineer. See the photos that documented some of the good work of the local contractors and their employees. Many thanks to the team work of VARDA and YORA financial support from NDIT and VCF to get this road repaired for recreation and tourism.

April 22nd 2021

Five Mile Road, Valemount BIKE PARK,

Road Closure due to large slump.

Valemount Community Forest works with recreational organizations to enhance local and tourist outdoor experiences.

VCF is supportive of local initiatives and works with Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association (VARDA), Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association (YORA), the Valemount Bike Park to develop and maintain roads, trail access and pathways. VCF has also worked with Valemount Glacier Destinations Resort (VGDR) and is supportive of the Valemount Ski Society Delegation with the interest in a bunny slope inside the VGDR footprint.

The 5-Mile recreation trail area includes the bike park, which is within the VCF’s working forest. Communication, education and planning adds to the success story of the local tourism economy.

There is greater use of VCF operating areas due to the increased quality of the road systems. Unfortunately, recreational vehicles (ATV’s, Side-by-Sides and snowmobiles) using active forest roads for their fun-time driving is also a safety concern.

Please also visit the Community Programs tab for more on Recreation program support and initiatives.