May 2022

Planting has been delayed due to the late Spring. Startup estimated for mid-May.  Snow and mud are prevalent in some of the areas that are to be planted. there are 310,000 trees to be planted this season.

Silviculture is the growth and management of trees to meet B.C.’s resource management objectives. It is the art and science of managing the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests on a sustainable basis and is also used to manage forests for wildlife, water, recreation aesthetics, or any combination of these or other forest uses.

Pre-planning before harvest has a Site Plan. This plan is a legal and binding document signed off by a Registered Professional Forester. It determines which silviculture system will be used (eg. clearcut, partial cut, single-tree selection). Based on the ecosystem, the Site Plan describes the reforestation options such as species, stems per hectare, and the time frame to establish a free growing forest (9 to 12 years old and free of competing vegetation).

The VCF monitors its plantations using accredited Silviculture Surveyors. The surveys assess the health and density of the stand to ensure that the area is meeting the goals set out in the Site Plan. Most areas that are harvested are planted within two years. Some of the original harvested areas are now reaching the free-growing stage.

The VCF silviculture 2021 program has budgeted $50,000.00 to mechanically stand-tend some of the older 30-year-old stands to promote height and increment and release the understory in some old logging blocks.

In 2021 approximately 500,000 seedlings have been planted this season. The local contractor  Integrity Planting has two foremen, a crew of  9 planters, 4 on a brushing crew, support truck drivers for moving boxes of trees, Yellowhead Helicoptors, and other support personel. All contractors must have a Covid 19 Safety Plan be and is active, in good standing, and has to meet WorkSafeBC’s criteria for advance clearance with Section 258 of the Workers Compensation Act before the commencement of work.


These photos are from the 2021 season.