Fire Preparedness 2022

Fire Preparedness 2022

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The VCF staff is reviewing all piles that were burnt in the Fall of 2021 to ensure that there are no hot spots in order to prevent wild fire events. In the event of a hotspot, it is exposed mechanically or by hand to eliminate heat and continued burning.

This photo is a pre-work plan with a contractor to eliminate hotspots that have been noted to date.

April 2022

If you are out enjoying nature please make sure your fire is OUT. In the springtime, the ground dries quickly and fire can spread fast. Grass fires have already been noted.

update 2022

Aspen and Birch were planted on some of the Fire Preparedness Blocks as well as pine. Reforestation continues to be monitored and green up is expected.

History of the Wildfire Protection Plan

The Village of Valemount Community Wildfire Protection Plan (VCWPP) was commissioned in 2012. The VCF initiated the process of updating this plan in March 2018 and continue to treat high risk areas around Valemount and along the corridor towards Tete Jaune. The VCF is committed to help with Fire Preparedness for the community through planning and consultation.

Meetings were held with local agencies, the public and people who live adjacent to the most high-risk forests. The results of consultation were that some people were opposed to any harvest of the adjacent forest while others were frightened by the flammable forests in their back yards. Through this process, amendments were made to fuel management plans to accommodate concerns.

Some fuel management areas are not profitable to harvest as the trees are often non-commercial, dead and/or rotting. In spite of this, the VCF continues to discuss and plan work with the Village and the Valemount Wildfire Base staff to minimize risk by creating fuel breaks that will be defensible in the event of wildfire.

Other fuel management areas around Tete Jaune Cache also require planning but are beyond the boundaries of the Valemount Community Forest.