Major Announcement

March 2020 

The Valemount Industrial Park LP  purchased a sawmill from Prince George. The mill is complimentary to existing markets and will target large diameter wood for specialty markets and value-added products. Hauling of the mill equipment to the industrial park was in April 2020. Construction has been continuous throughout the Spring and Summer now into the Autumn the mill is closer to being finished after detailed planning with specialized contractors, engineers, skilled workers and labourers to facilitate the placement of the large foundations and big mill components. Each component is examined and upgraded as required. Soon metal siding will arrive and then construction for the building will start to have the mill under cover. Electrical and hydraulics components are being updated to meet new regulatory standards. The Board of Directors and staff are excited for the economic future to the forest sector in this area.

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VIP in Review

In 2014, the VCF with the Board of Directors and two staff worked on expansion and purchased the ‘old mill site’ with financial support from Northern Development Initiative Trust and Columbia Basin Trust. The mill site was renamed as the Valemount Industrial Park. In 2019, the original Valemount Community Forest split into two companies – one to manage the community forest operations and the other Valemount Industrial Park for industrial land management.

The VIP currently has eight lessees.

The Valemount Community Forest also uses the industrial park to sort and store logs. The log yard has been able to supply logs for value added products in the Robson Valley. These logs are usually hand scaled and graded to accommodate the small volumes and unique demands for local mills. The weigh scales operate intermittently for customers.

The VIP continues to upgrade infrastructure such as the water system and three phase electrical power. Future plans includes a fire suppression system.