AlertFive Mile Road is closed at 3 km due to a large slump! Please be aware this section of road is still active with land mass movement. Road is closed past 3km to all traffic. Repairs will commence when activity is less and it is safe to do so.

Road development and access are critical to harvesting success. Road surfaces require time to set up, therefore, having the roads built in advance (a year ahead or longer) is ideal. Road surface quality is determined mostly by how water running across it is controlled. Culverts, ditches, water bars and the use of geo-textile fabrics and gravel all contribute to a dry surface. Proper grading keeps the road surface in good shape for vehicle use.

Pre-built roads provide access for the block layout crews, shortening their distance to work and lowering costs to the company. Good roads provide access for more than logging and reforestation. Recreational users appreciate all weather roads for many activities, from self-propelled sports to horse riding, hunting, trapping and motorized sports. Good roads can also provide access in the event of lightning strikes and wildfires, avalanches and rescue operations.

Building Roads